Frequently Asked Questions


   * How do I tell if my location is haunted?

   There are a lot of different signs that a location maybe haunted including (but not limited to) unexplained noises, movement and shadows, object movement and levitation, doors which open and close with out reason, unexplained voices, unexplained smells and unexplained mood changes in specific areas.

   * I think my place maybe haunted, am I crazy? What should I do?

   If you have reason to believe your place is haunted, we recommend that you document your evidence. This will give you good details to share with a paranormal team if you reach out to them for advice. It will also allow you to review the evidence and look for common patterns and recurring situations which will help to rule out "false positives" and common house structure settling and similar natural situations.

   * What will your paranormal group do to help with my situation?

   U.P.S will help you sort the occurrences in your location to help determine if you truly have a haunting or something that may be solved with a little home maintenance. We will also be available to offer you advice and guidance on how best to approach and deal with a situation and ultimately will investigate the case to determine the specifics of what is going on in the location.

   * Are all hauntings the same?

   All "hauntings" are not the same. Each case is unique and needs to be dealt with in a personalized and unique case.

   * What natural/household events can cause "false positives" so I think I have a haunting?

   "False positives" can be caused by anything from banging pipes and leaky valves in plumbing to ungrounded and old wiring and high EMF to high concentrations of mold and mildew in a location. Shadows and movement can be caused by passing cars or reflective surfaces.

   * Can a ghost follow me home if I visited a haunted location?

   While this is unheard of, it is very rare. For a spirit to follow you home, they must form a very strong and unique bond with you - often because you remind them of a loved one, or a  friend. More often than not, spirits in a "haunted location" will not even notice your presence if you are just a casual guest. It is only after repeat visits or prolonged stays in a haunted location that they would notice your presence.

   * Can objects or people themselves be haunted or is it only land or buildings?

   Anything can be haunted. While the most common haunting is of a building or specific piece of land, spirits have been known to attach themselves to objects which had great personal and sentimental value to them in life. These spirits travel with the object no matter where it goes. Spirits can also form attachments to people (This is not possession. That is a different thing). Often because the person in question either reminds them of a long-gone loved one, is a family member, has lived in the location for along time and has had direct frequent interaction with the spirit or if the person has strong psychic abilities. This situation is the most rare.

   * Will U.P.S come get rid of the ghosts in my location?

   It is impossible to promise that we will come in and completely clean out any spirits in your location, but we will do our best to make sure that the situation we leave our clients in is one where they feel 100% comfortable in their own home. We will do everything in our power to investigate the claims and come up with the best solution possible to resolve your specific claim. We do not bless, cleanse, or exercise demons. We have resources and contacts in the clergy and other places if the client wishes to have a location blessed or cleansed for their own piece of mind after our investigation is complete.

   * I don't want my personal information all over the internet or other media! Will you keep all the information about my location private?

   YES! U.P.S has a strict confidentiality agreement that all of our investigators are bound by. During an investigation, a client has the option to choose between three confidentiality options which allow them to set the ultimate level of information which can be shared after an investigation. For private residences, it is our strict policy that no personal information, including street addresses, client names or location details which can be traced back to the location or client can be used in any capacity. All private residences will only ever be identified by city and state.

   * Do you use "psychics" or sensitive's"?

   U.P.S does not currently utilize psychics or sensitive's, particularly as an investigative tool. We prefer to use scientific instrumentation that can be calibrated and analyzed objectively. In the event that U.P.S does work with a group employing psychics or sensitive's our goal will be to compare our data to the readings of those individuals. On focus, however, will always be on the reported activity.

   * How much do you charge for an investigation?

   U.P.S is an non-profit organization. All of our services are FREE of CHARGE. (Includes all meetings, travel expense, investigations, and follow-up).

   * What areas do you cover?

   Within a 60 mile radius of Beaumont, Texas.

   * How do I submit my location for U.P.S to come and investigate?

   Click "Contact Us" on our website, or private message us on Facebook.

   * Do you allow non-members to participate on an investigation?

   YES! We allow anyone interested in the paranormal to investigate with us. We have two package deals (of your choice) for purchase. All participants  MUST be 18 years of age or older. Also, we have a consent form that must be read and signed before attending. You can only attend on the following locations that we have scheduled if the Client permits: Historic locations, Businesses, Hotels/Motels, and Cemeteries. **(Residential locations are off limits due to client's confidentiality).** Contact for more details & about the package deals.


                                For anymore questions, please feel free to contact us.

                                                              THANK YOU!





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